Trends to Look Forward in Social Media Matrix for 2016

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Today social media platform not only keep us updated but also offers-in-depth analytics and data that can be used to increase market approach. Social Media Matrix for 2016While some feel that social media is the best way to enhance business, there is that category too which place very less confidence in social media. The latest approach on social media matric for 206 will surely help those who are interested in maintaining a healthy social media presence.

With over 2 billion active users worldwide, we all know that social media revolution and people’s desire to stay connected with their friends and colleagues has given it a not only popularity but practicality too.
With market coverage and approach too strong, it is believed that more than 90 percent small to medium companies and businesses are currently active on Social Media Campaigns. From increasing the market approach to promoting new items and products, in some form every business is present on Social Media. Whether Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn this new evolution process happened so suddenly and fast that it created a trend among businesses.

Here is the glimpse of what happened in 2015,

· We saw explosive growth by messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger by proving and becoming the dominating communication applications for business holders.

· Real-time streaming platforms like snapchat and Periscope tried to make their place in the market.

· Better e-commerce integration was seen

· Monetisation through social media was seen and it was directed towards advertising.

But as the New Year has begun, here is the trends to watch in social media matrix for 2016:

· Social Media Publishing: Content is still ruling and there is no doubt in that. People love reading latest updates and online media is the best way to offer that. For fresh and interesting updates content will be a hit in 2016 too.

· Prominent Advertising: With social media updating, more and more business are focusing to attract people through social media. So in 2016 we can see more prominent advertising and main platforms will capitalise as much as possible.

· Live Streaming: The increase iin fashion of posting latest updates , live streaming and minute-to-minute update will be the biggest trend of 2016.

So without thinking and worrying much, plan your internet approach accordingly and reap the benefits of social and online media.


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