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Online Reputation Management

The internet offers a powerful tool to the consumer that is instant and far-reaching. Managing one’s reputation becomes a continuous planned process.


For any business, reputation is one of the most important components. No matter how big or small the business, a good reputation is vital. In the increasingly democratic world of the internet where anyone with an internet connection has the power to reach millions, it is essential that you institute a proper plan for online reputation management or ORM.

How do we do it?

 There are many tools of ORM and Collaborating Minds has mastered the art.

  • Tracking both good and bad content related to your brand on the internet.
  • Identifying the source.
  • Engaging with the person or people concerned.

Why do you need online reputation management?


Since establishing a good reputation is the essential function of ORM, its importance in branding is obvious. By ensuring that bad links are pushed away and negative comments are met with promptly, ORM ensures that a brand retains its value.

Customer Relations

ORM is all about engaging with your customers. While positive comments are acknowledged, negative comments are also enquired into promptly. By addressing their concerns, ORM helps companies to build better relations with their customers.

Damage Control

In the world wide web one negative comment can snowball into a major controversy - something you definitely do NOT need. With ORM you have to address the problem at the root. Engage with the user and do one’s best to ally their concerns. 

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