5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

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Email Marketing campaigns are one of the essential ingredients of any online marketing strategy, for communicating and building relationships with prospective clients, gathering data, and helping boost the ROI. It is a great way to reach targeted customers without spending a lot of money or putting in too much efforts.

Email MarketingFor designing and conducting effective and result oriented Email Marketing Campaigns, the following points should be kept in mind

Easy Subscription

Post a simple sign up form on your facebook page, blog or wherever you can find your prospective clients. The form should be as short as possible with limited fields, as people desist from filling up long forms even if something of great value is promised to them.

Impressive Design

The design should be a perfect mix of content and pictures/illustrations which strike an immediate chord with the targeted audience. Too much cluttered mailers often result in loss of interest of the readers. A call to action button at the top right is advisable. The contact number on the mailer should be directly clickable, to enable mobile users to call up without dialing.

Engaging Content

The content of the mailer should be direct and inviting. By reading the subject as well as the first few lines, the reader should get an impression that this is what he is looking for. The reader should feel as if the products or services offered in the mailer are really meant for him.

Thorough Testing

The mailer should be responsive i.e. it should open on all devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Also it should be seen that on clicking the call to action button, the visitor is directed to the required landing page of the website. Thorough testing should be done before starting the campaign.

Follow Spam Rules

Always follow anti spam rules, otherwise most of the mails you send will end up as spam mail. Include an unsubscribe link in every email, and don’t forget to tell subscribers how they got on your list in the first place.

If these five tips for creating and conducting effective Email Marketing campaigns are followed in the right earnest, they would be helpful in engaging the prospects for a lasting business relationship, resulting in more business and increased ROI.


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